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About Gilgal

Gilgal Baptist ministry was started at the Pastor’s house with five members in April, 2015 as a fellowship.

After several meetings at the pastor’s house, the church was finally moved to Avondale, Arizona. This transition was made possible with the help of pastor Lewis, pastor Grey, pastor Kenflower, pastor Charles Owusu and pastor Yaw Opoku.

The church’s new location at Avondale, was graciously offered by FSBCA, which is lead by Pastor Jack Marslender. The first service in Avondale occurred on January 23rd, 2016 and was attended by seven people. The church at this point was still a fellowship. Avondale continued to be the church’s meeting place for about a year and half during which the women’s ministry was birthed.

After careful consideration, the church was finally moved to Tempe, Arizona in July 2017. Gilgal Baptist ministry has since then been meeting at this new location 1400 S. McClintock Dr, Ste 2. Tempe Arizona, 85281.

The church celebrated it’s one year Anniversary as an independent church. This celebration was crowned with a 3-day revival. Gilgal Baptist ministry now has a music ministry, women’s ministry, men’s ministry, evangelism team as well as several other ministries.